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Helping Teachers Foster a Strong and Supportive Learning Environment for Multilingual Students


SESSION 1 | Thursday, April 8 | 3:30PM PT

The integration of language development and meaningful content learning.

SESSION 2 | Thursday, April 15 | 3:30PM PT

The role of oral language development in second language literacy.

SESSION 3 | Thursday, April 22 | 3:30PM PT

The importance of grade-level, complex texts for language learners.

SESSION 4 | Thursday, April 29 | 3:30PM PT

Putting it all together: how do the guiding principles work as a whole?


Participants will:

  • Learn how to support multilingual students in multiple contexts.
  • See classroom examples that demonstrate ideas for whole group and small groups lessons, which can be implemented by classroom teachers or English learner specialists.
  • Explore how educators can integrate language development in literacy instruction.

Presenter: Sarah Webb, Great Minds Senior Curriculum Designer for Multilingual Learners in Humanities and former English learner teacher and instructional coach in Dayton, OH.


NOTICE:  Participants who attend these sessions will view early access to materials and are therefore disqualified from being appointed to the 2021 Oregon ELA instructional materials evaluation committee. 



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