Hooray for Wit & Wisdom

By Dr. Karen S. Harris


Wit & Wisdom brings enjoyment to read and write

It takes our learning of English skills to an incredible height

Great Minds are developed for all

While learning new words big and small

Developing meaningful English is its goal

Enriching thinking as a whole.


Main topics, key details are enhanced

Through storybooks and informational text

Challenging questions to ignite our minds

Real literature that sometimes rhyme

Small group instruction creates bright ideas

As the closing minutes of our lesson draws near.


Noticing and wondering what comes next

A reminder of other modules we have already met

Many conversations are stirred up in Think-Pair-Share

While we Mingle, Mingle with our classmates everywhere

Diving deeper in knowledge to gain

Writing sentences with a Main Topic’s name.


Paintings to observe and analyze

Making Great Minds come alive

We are bound for greatness each day

I am glad Wit & Wisdom has come our way.