Moving forward with Wit & Wisdom®

Moving Forward with Wit & Wisdom® was created to help educators deepen their understanding of the curriculum’s learning design and provide access to essential information that will guide successful implementations.

We encourage all educators to gain a deep understanding of the curriculum and strategically prepare for teaching it. So we've developed this practical resource that offers a menu of informational materials to help Wit & Wisdom users respond to these and other common implementation questions:

  • How can I develop a better understanding of the learning design?
  • How should I prepare to teach each module?
  • How should I prepare to teach lessons?
  • Where can I find additional resources that support teaching and learning?

This resource includes helpful tools such as a Module Study Protocol, Lesson Preparation actions, an Implementation Guide study, and deeper work with the Content Stages and Content Framing Questions.

To get your free copy of Moving Forward with Wit & Wisdom, which is also available in the Wit & Wisdom Teacher Resource Pack, click the ‘Download Resource’ button below.