Are you interested in deepening your knowledge of Wit & Wisdom® and expanding your skill set beyond the classroom to help other educators be more successful? Louisiana educators are welcome to nominate teachers in your school or district for our Wit & Wisdom Content Leader training program.

One way teachers in Louisiana can expand their knowledge and skills in English language arts is to become a certified Content Leader. In Louisiana, the Content Leader initiative is designed to “create leadership pathways for talented local educators” who deeply understand literacy instruction and want to learn how to use that understanding to facilitate delivering professional development, coaching other teachers, and supporting colleagues in their school system. The Content Leader certification also serves as a step toward Louisiana principal certification.

In August 2019, Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) approved Great Minds® as a provider of ELA Content Leader training. In the summer of 2020, we will begin training our first cohort of K–8 Content Leaders for Louisiana schools using Wit & Wisdom.

Content Leaders will experience great professional growth through the program. During the yearlong program, teachers will

  • experience five days of Wit & Wisdom professional development in the summer of 2020 and up to five more days of professional development during the 2020–2021 school year, 
  • learn to facilitate Wit & Wisdom PD sessions in their own districts, and 
  • reflect and grow with colleagues across the state of Louisiana.

Ideal candidates have the following attributes:

  • A passion for teaching Wit & Wisdom and a desire to learn more about the curriculum
  • Experience using Wit & Wisdom as the primary curriculum in their school or district
  • Enthusiasm for working with other educators
  • A belief that every child is capable of greatness
  • An ability to foster productive struggle in work with colleagues and students
  • A commitment to knowledge building and an integrated approach to skill building

If you are a Louisiana educator and would like more information about the program—or if you would like to nominate teachers in your school or district—find out more here.

Are you interested in delivering Wit & Wisdom PD but don’t live in Louisiana? Or are you a Louisiana educator who is not yet ready to pursue Content Leader certification? If so, you may be a good fit for our Wit & Wisdom PD Fellows program—an opportunity to continue teaching Wit & Wisdom and also share your passion and knowledge of the curriculum with others through PD delivery.